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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh




Set of 4 Customized Ornaments

Ornaments for Christmas or for however you choose, designed your way.


Customized Nutcrackers

Wooden nutcrackers, hand-painted and designed with your favorite colors, team colors/designs. The possibilities are endless!



Customized helmets for your favorite college or pro team - football, basketball, hockey, etc. We customize for anything! Prices start at $150 depending on design.


Customized Paintings

One of a kind artwork for your home, office, etc. Prices start at $100 depending on size.


Entryway Hall Tables

Custom built just for you. Prices start at $150 depending on design.


Noodleboard - Electric Oven

Style your kitchen with a customized cover for your oven...can also be used as a serving tray or charcuterie board.


Noodleboard - Gas Oven


Customized Sneakers

Whether you're looking to customize your favorite kicks or just change their look, we can help. We customize your sneakers to tailor your style and taste. Prices start at $100 depending on design and customer provides shoes.


Buffet Tables

Wow your friends and family with a custom built buffet table.  Prices start at $200 depending on design.


Paint Party

I come to you and your guests. A paint party suited just for your needs. $30 per person


Cakes & Canvas

It's a paint party, but with fresh, homemade treats for you and your guests. Your choice of cookies, cupcakes or scones. $50 per person.